beyond empathy | Blue Rose
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Blue Rose

About This Project

“We might look different, we might play differently, we might not speak language the same way you do. But our experience of life is made up of humour as well as challenges, just like yours. If you take the time to see our stories we have many things to share that will inspire you with fundamental truths about the way we all interact with our world.”


Beyond Empathy is running a film project in partnership with Disability Service Organisations in the Illawarra where the people who star in the film are people with all kind of abilities who don’t use verbal or a formalised language as their main way to communicate and interact with others and the world.


The project will produce a feature length film as well as a multi screen interactive installation work. The works will focus on developing simple portraits, stories and scenarios inspired by the life experiences and interests of participants of varying ages. As part of the film process, workshops and activities will take place within the Illawarra region of NSW. The content and activities will be flexible and led by the participant interests.


There is no script and there will be no script for Blue Rose. The film is to be made with people, not about them. There are no casting sessions or auditions; the team will meet the ‘stars’ through referrals to the project. Referrals will come from organisations who support people with all kinds of abilities and their families. Through the relationships that are formed with them and their families or carers, opportunities will naturally unfold and stories will be told, not always through verbal language, which is not the main way our ‘stars’ communicate, but instead through their lived experience.


This project, which will culminate in a feature film, is considered to be a creative concept that strengthens the National Disability Schemes vision of inclusivity, enabling people of all-abilities to fulfil their potential as equal citizens. Made with a message of hope this project will provide a real picture of those in our community who abilities and stories will resonate with us all and will inspire informed public support for the NDIS and associated initiatives.