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CCC Moree

About This Project

Creativity, community and culture driving change


Beyond Empathy is currently participating in a Connected Communities project (part of the NSW Government’s OCHRE plan), 3Moree. The 3Moree project provides an innovative approach to engage children, young people, teachers, and the community in developing a positive learning environment through its responsiveness to local needs. It translates the objectives of the Connected Communities strategy through arts and culture and changing the way Aboriginal children learn by changing the way learning is delivered.


The 3Moree program, with the support of local Aboriginal Community Partnerships and the Moree East Public School community, offer a continuum of learning and support through connecting with parents and caregivers in antenatal, supporting transition into early childhood learning and the foundation years through to stage 3 outcomes of primary education. Through the use of arts, a safety net is created ensuring all families are captured.


3Moree has three components:


Mubali is an innovative health intervention strategy. It uses creative art processes as a bridging tool to connect young Aboriginal Women (14- 24) to local Aboriginal midwifery services and generalist health services.


Connexion  Рworking with 0-8 year olds, their families and the existing Schools for Community program to improve connection to early childhood opportunities, knowledge and learning.


Festival of the Brolga – alignment to the curriculum, one-on-one mentoring and arts led workshops, to produce Festival of the Brolga¬† – an annual community festival that celebrate identity and drives connections between the school, the community, families and culture. The project will work closely with local elders and other community members in the school to tell the story of the Brolga and its relevance to modern day Moree. The project will be based around workshops with young people, developing their technical and story-telling skills in dance, performance, theatre, film and song. The content and inspiration for these workshops will come from the elder’s and community stories and their living memories. The participants will get the opportunity to work with professional artists to develop the content for the festival celebration.