beyond empathy | Cemetery Road Coffins
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Cemetery Road Coffins

About This Project

Cemetery Road Coffins is a unique and culturally ambitious project that will result in an independent social enterprise in Armidale NSW.


It will build the capacity of the community to generate income, grow skills, share opportunities and change perceptions over a three-year period. The project is a partnership between Armidale Local Aboriginal land Council and BE.


Cemetery Road Coffins was set up to respond to the growing need of people to be able to access cost effective or cheaper coffins. Cemetery Road Coffins is an all-Aboriginal enterprise and the profits benefit the Armidale community by creating jobs for long term unemployed Aboriginal people.


Cemetery Road Coffins provides a grass-root response to an important issue. Losing a loved one is a traumatic experience and often is made worse if a family cannot afford the coffin or that process is removed from their decision-making processes. Cemetery Road Coffins are reasonably priced and tailored made. Families can choose from intricately designed and hand painted coffins, more standard designs, coffins decorated in favourite footy team colours or families can also paint and decorate their own coffins. The creative team are also working on flat-pack designs.


Cemetery Road Coffins recognises everyone’s needs are different and is driven by the idea of self-determination, cultural ownership and honesty.


Some of the benefits for participants include training and employment of community members, reinvestment in the community, and serving as an accessible, local source for goods and services required by people everywhere.