beyond empathy | HORSE’S MOUTH
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About This Project

Horses Mouth draws together, Beyond Empathy’s expertise in inspiring the artistic vitality, autonomy and boldness of emerging First Nations artists, with NORPA’s expertise in devising innovative performance works with dramaturgy, creative development processes and production values.

The role of the lead creatives is to guide the stories and lived experiences of the participants to shape a story telling that seeks to interfere with the ongoing legacy and chaos caused by Colonisation. It reclaims a First Nations way of being, knowing and expressing identities. It is part protest, part disruption and part ceremony.

The emerging artists have worked alongside established professionals; Victoria Hunt, Jade Dewi and Kirk Page to develop rigorous physical and conceptual processes. The established artists are the guides, and at the same time, they have been their collaborative co-creators. During the process, each participant oscillates between teacher and learner, learner and teacher.

In 2018 the performance produced has been included as part of NORPA’s NAIDOC celebrations.

By providing intensive and tailored cultural and creative process mentoring, Maven provides opportunities for First Nations artists across regional NSW and South-East Queensland, to reach their full potential.


Emerging Artists:
Jaymen Drahm
Mitch King
Tahnee Arnold
Sarah Roberts-Field
Emily Roberts-Field
Benjamin Creek
Carmel Lardner

Lead Artists:
Kirk Page
Victoria Hunt
Jade Dewi

Creative Team:
Clytie Smith Props and Lighting
Ryan Virtue video portrait
Anna Liebzeit exterior sound
James Brown interior sound
Boris Bagattini