beyond empathy | No Shame Day
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No Shame Day

About This Project

No Shame Day encourages us all to step up , be proud of who we are and what we can contribute. It is a day to be shame free!


Since 2012, No Shame Day has used public performances including comedy, poetry, dance and song, to help create pride. It is a forum to ‘shine without judgment’ – an opportunity for people to stop judging themselves and celebrate talents that are usually hidden from our community.


Through the many programs Beyond Empathy has instituted over the years the concept of shame continues to thwart the positive self-esteem and personal success of many young Aboriginal people. After years of quietly attempting to overcome the concept, Beyond Empathy decided to a ‘out’ shame to the broader community. We hope that No Shame Day will act as a catalyst in enabling the Aboriginal community to step up in pride and give our young people the opportunity to show off their many and diverse talents ‘shame free’.


“No Shame Day is important because in the Aboriginal community the concept of shame is our biggest barrier. It takes control over who we are and how we live our lives. It limits our potential, keeps us stuck in the negative; it keeps us in the shadows. No Shame Day is about stepping out into the light and being proud of who we are and what we can contribute. No Shame Day is an opportunity for us to shine without judgment, to stop judging ourselves and let the talents we hide from our community be celebrated”

Armidale emerging artist Leetona Pitt (22yrs), reflecting on No Shame Day after the 2013 event.


Since it began, No Shame Day has showcased remarkable and inspiring performances by young people sharing positive youth culture, reflecting on personal experiences, and creating performance works that acknowledge their capacity to influence their future.


Help us make it a day for everyone to feel proud!


Beyond Empathy hosts No Shame Day on the second Friday of December each year. Stay tuned for the next event!
The meaning of shame extends to include embarrassment in certain situations (Leitner & Malcolm 2007:169) and is often due to attention or circumstances rather than as the result of an action by oneself (Vallance & Tchacos 2001). The feeling of shame can totally overwhelm and disempower a person.