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About This Project

There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.– Graham Greene


BE is collaborating with children under 12 and their families who have experience recurring hardship, many of whom live in public housing. The children, their families, neighbours and broader community will produce images and short narrative video material that will be animated to look like hand made lead pencil sketches, water colour paintings, screen prints, charcoal, chalk and coloured pencil drawings.


These images and short narrative sequences are about childhood. They will communicate about childhood from the perspective of people who have experienced hardship, but they will reveal what we all have in common: laughter, tears, fears, courage and resilience.


These stories and images will be presented in a variety of ways over the the four years of the project including as short films, a feature length film and gallery type installation works that could also be used in classroom and education settings.


The animated film material produced by children in the project and presented locally will be used to reinforce key messages of the Growing Respect Program throughout the community.


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