beyond empathy | How long is your shoestring
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How long is your shoestring

About This Project

A group of young Armidale women took part in a unique budgeting workshop which culminated in a ‘reality television’-style supermarket challenge hosted by an animated and energetic compere and some equally enthusiastic participants!


The ‘How long is your shoestring?’ project was developed by Beyond Empathy in partnership with Roberts & Morrow Financial Services thanks to the funding support of Future 2 through their ‘Make the Difference!’ grants program which is designed for the benefit of socially and financially disadvantaged young Australians. Beyond Empathy chose to develop the Future2 funded project, ‘How long is your shoestring?’ to offer practical skills and support to local young people in a fun and creative way.


The workshop was led by the inspiring Rusty Bennett, a young mum who efficiently manages her own limited family budget to ensure that her four children eat healthy and satisfying meals throughout the week, and Amy Holman from Roberts & Morrow. Together they made budgeting seem simple for the workshop participants who each faces the ongoing challenge of managing their household expenses with limited income.


After the practical and informative budgeting workshop, participants took part in a supermarket challenge. Participants were each given $200 and challenged to fill their shopping trolleys with groceries that would meet the needs of their families for one week. While shopping, participants had to consider their weekly menu, and factor in school lunches and other necessities. On reaching the checkout, judges Rusty Bennett and Amy Holman analysed each of the trolleys to determine which participant achieved the most value for money and who had the ‘healthiest’ trolley.


Thanks to the support of Woolworths Armidale, Beyond Empathy created a virtual reality television program in the supermarket.