beyond empathy | THE BE WAY TOOLKIT
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In 2006, BE was successful in securing a three year 1st Tier funding grant from the Westpac Foundation. This enabled BE to seed three new projects and track them from scratch, as well as track what we were already doing, to clearly articulate and capture the processes we use in delivering projects and building new projects.


The BE wAy toolkit is the result of this process. We recognise that we are not unique and that there are many arts and CACD organisations out there doing similar great work. This is our honest and genuine account of how we do what we do. The BE wAy is wide ranging and comprehensive and not all of it will be relevant to each artist or community/support worker. We hope that part of the role of the BE wAy is to validate the importance and the innovative approaches already used by you. We hope you find the BE wAy a useful addition to your practice.


We would like to acknowledge the support of the Westpac Foundation in providing the financial support for the development of the BE wAy and their belief in the critical importance of creating this resource to inform arts and community development practice across all sectors.


We would also like to acknowledge all of the BE artists and community workers who have shared their wisdom and expertise and years of experience working in community during the long three year process of writing the toolkit, including Miranda van Son and her team, who have put many hours into the design and animation of the BE wAy. We would especially like to acknowledge Regina Hill, Effective Consulting. Regina’s ability to take what we knew and did intuitively and articulate that in a clear and comprehensive manner to make it accessible to a wider audience has been invaluable.