Blog One: Neds 365 Day Weight Loss Campaign


It’s a fact, a sad fact. Ned is fat, Ned is very fat.

I tip the scales at a whopping 94.4 kilos. My body mass index states that for my age and weight I should weigh between 65 to 75 kilos. Woe is me. Practically every night I dream I am thin, then each morning I awake and reality smacks me across the face. No Ned, you are still fat. So how did it all go so terribly wrong, who or what can I blame? Genetics? My father sported a very generous fat gut. Not uncommon to men of that generation. Age? As you grow older your metabolism slows, less calories burnt. Arthritis and joint soreness begin to stamp their mark. Lack of exercise? Laziness, sloth and gluttony rule in my last decade of years, preventing any consistent and meaningful exercise.

Prescription mental illness medicines? It is well documented that the side effects of these drugs lead to rapid and significant weight gain and the onset of diabetes. So I have several causes for my weight problem, but none are really valid or realistic excuses to fix the problem. So it’s goodbye to salt and sugar and a big bloody buggering bollocks of a farewell to alcohol. It’s a hello to a better diet based on more fruit, vegies and legumes and nuts, and restricted fats, diary and carbohydrates, especially the white ones. It’s a big howdy do to a comprehensive and practical exercise program, where discipline will become my new best friend. I hope.

So please sponsor Ned to raise money for Mental Health programs, by following his 365 day weight loss endeavour. $10,000 is my goal.

You can contribute by donating to
Beyond Empathy
Regional Australia Bank
BSB 932 000
Account 702 638