This will have you grooving in your seats





I am so excited to share with you SAME DRUM, a music video created by a fantastically talented group of young people from multilingual backgrounds.
It will have you grooving in your seats and shaking it down the streets.
I had the absolute pleasure of working with these young people in WA at the end of last year. Working collaboratively with a group of high-profile artists, they brought together their talents, cultures and even language. SAME DRUM shares their message of unity, peace and happiness in their own voices.
The song delivers a strong message about embracing life in Australia, while never forgetting about where you come from.
I was completely blown away by the strength and resilience displayed by the stars of this film, most of whom have experienced unimaginable hardship in their home countries, only to be faced with the difficulty of adapting to a different culture and life in a foreign land…not to mention the turmoil of change that comes with adolescence.
I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall to witness them seeing themselves on the big screen for the first time. The energy in that room would be palpable! I’m very interested in seeing the impact of this project, post screening and down the track, for the stars and the broader community. What it will mean for these young people to see what they’ve created, share that with other people and be recognised and commended for it. The broader community will see these young people for the bright, talented, strong individuals that they are. I think this is really what fosters opportunities for change.
I learned a lot from being involved in this project, especially from the South Sudanese community.  The way they celebrate and maintain their rich and beautiful culture in Australia is inspiring. 
I’m grateful to have met these amazing young people and to have been involved in helping them create this film.
I hope you get as goose-pimply as I did watching SAME DRUM!
BE community arts worker Gemma Parsons