At Beyond Empathy we continuously seek to improve what we do and how we do it. We look for impact in context. We appreciate that each community is dynamic and success may be different for each individual and group.


Our model for measuring our social impact has evolved over the past 15 years, working previously with Social Ventures Australia, Net Balance Foundation, and Westpac Foundation and now with Cultural Development Network. For examples of our social impact evaluations and reports see our resources. 



Our current work with the Cultural Development Network involves evaluating against five measurable outcomes of engagement in cultural development activities – cultural, social, economic, environmental and governance. Each of these domains is assessed through surveys, interviews, focus groups, participant observation, expert opinion, and other participatory methods. Our project Parting is a current case study for Cultural Development Network and their evolving tools and methods for assessing social impact in the arts.



We are committed to measuring our impact both internally and through external evaluations, in order to stay relevant and at the cutting-edge of what matters most to communities.