blue rose

Blue Rose
is an ongoing project created with people of diverse abilities and their families about the experience of those who do not use verbal language as their primary way to communicate.


Over several years the project’s content, activities and workshops have been led by the interests of the participants. The team developed a way of experiencing the completed film, inspired by its stars. The result is an immersive installation which enables visitors to play with shadows and light and create visual echoes as they walk through interactive projections. People of all ages and abilities are able to enjoy the opportunity to make music through movement, travel in a virtual cockpit, or relax in a sensory cocoon.


This installation provides the opportunity for participants and their families to challenge prejudice and highlight issues of access and concerns regarding service delivery. The immersive sensory experience resonates with all of us and the stories inspire informed public support for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and associated initiatives. Delivered in partnership with families and disability service organisations in the Illawarra, the Blue Rose installation has been presented through a partnership with Merrigong Theatre Company.