Excursions explores the experiences of young Aboriginal people and their developing connections to culture in communities across Australia. Four projects in Moree, the Illawarra, Melbourne and Perth brought communities together to celebrate the voices of young people. Their short films, songs, video clips and photographs share intimate stories about identity, childhood, culture and belonging. Excursions aimed to build skills, confidence and relationships, as well as to explore new territories, create new opportunities and find new ways of being. In turn these projects have created stronger links between families and communities and are a source of great pride for everyone involved.


The culmination of Excursions was Building Our Futures Together, a large-scale outdoor photographic exhibition in Sydney in 2018 – 2020. The photographs documented the Excursions projects and brought the faces and stories of young Aboriginal people to the attention of a wider audience.


This important national project was made possible through cross-sector, multi-year partnerships, and as a result of strong cultural protocols and protections around Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property.


Find out more at excursions.be.org.au