mad propa deadly


Mad Propa Deadly makes use of a purpose-built music studio (MPD Studio) inside a shipping container to deliver music sessions and foster creativity in the young people of Moree. The project was created in partnership with the Noffs Foundation and is based on the Street University Model which provides creative activities that seek to reconnect communities and cultivate the social inclusion of young people. The project started with music workshops with Australian band Sticky Fingers in 2017 and continued in 2018 with renowned hiphop band Last Kinection, the participants have gone on to write and record songs of their own. Since that time 14 songs and one video clip have been created which share the unique identities of the small pockets of different communities across Moree. In the safe and creative space of the MPD Studio, there is an opportunity for visiting artists to build meaningful relationships with young people, which will result in increased high quality artistic and social outcomes.