the maven project


The Maven Project activates space for mentorships and two-way learning with First Nation groups in which they lead their own projects and make positive contributions to their individual and collective futures.


The Maven Project places First Nation people at the centre of decision making and creativity. At its heart is the Third Space approach, in which creative decisions are made in a rich and fluid learning environment without hierarchy, and in which all voices are equal. This approach allows participants to determine their projects’ timeframe and outcomes. Maven gives primacy to First Nation approaches to cultural learning and teaching that underpin Aboriginal communities. It is grounded in cultural autonomy and recognises that Aboriginal people have all that they need to teach and guide their young people and communities to artistic and cultural independence.


The Maven Project has nurtured a community of emerging First Nation creatives into autonomous practicing artists. These artists are now imparting artistic and cultural skills to new participants. Powerful artistic projects have emerged as a result of these exchanges, including Horse’s Mouth , Yanaya and more recently MPD Studio.


The Maven Project, through its activation of the Third Space, continues to inform BE’s practices organisation-wide. Over 15 years our methods and approaches have been formed with our First Nation partners, who have taught us how to work. Now these ways of teaching, learning and creating are embedded in every project that we deliver.