Protection blends film and animation to tell stories about childhood, inspired and created by the lived experiences of children from public housing estates in the Illawarra. The children, most of whom were under 12, were involved in every aspect of the artistic work including presentation and promotion. They recorded live video, created characters and stories about childhood, and ran a highly successful crowdfunding campaign to complete their film. Throughout the project the children were involved in more than 120 workshops in writing and scripting, animation, video and voice over.  The project has produced a feature-length film; the components of which are interchangeable depending on the age of the audience and themes a community or audience might wish to explore, a play installation (the Cubbies Project) developed in partnership with Polyglot Theatre, and an educational presentation for schools about developing resilience.


The participants involved developed leadership skills, new competencies, and increased confidence which allow them to continue as ambassadors for the project and to mentor new groups for future iterations of Protection.


The Protection film was part of the official selection for the Beirut International Children and Family Film Festival in 2019. The film will continue to tour nationally in 2019.