Beyond Empathy (BE) uses art to influence real change in the lives of marginalized individuals and their communities.

Our purpose is to: use art to influence real change and enhance the wellbeing of the lives of marginalized individuals and communities. Give the most disadvantaged people in society opportunities to participate in, and create vibrant, innovative and culturally ambitious works of art. Create extraordinary art and through that, develop the skills and tools people and communities need (confidence, reliance, self-worth, self-knowledge) to succeed beyond anyone’s expectations. Generate new connections and new opportunities overriding disengagement and disadvantage. Go further than any other organisation, to places no one else goes; delving into situations no one else will touch; reaching people no one else can reach; collaborating with everyone, rejecting no one.

And in the process, we have demonstrated the ability to help people and communities go further in life than anyone thought they could.

BE is well recognised for achieving positive relationships, and hence results, with marginalised communities, particularly regional and remote Aboriginal Communities. We operate with a strengths based approach and the overarching principle of partnership over paternalism; and, participation over theory.

Independent results demonstrate both measurable health and social improvements. In addition, emerging artists across all art forms are provided an opportunity to build capacity, foster experimentation and develop original work in collaboration with professional artists. And, for some of our participants the process leads to sustainable employment. And for the majority of our participants the process leads to an enriched community life through connection and engagement.


Songlines are complex pathways of spiritual, ecological, economic and cultural knowledge. They define the nature of being, existence or reality. Songlines provide the map, recording details of relationships, the song relating to a specific place, group and individual. Songlines ensure the continuity of all things living.


BE’s Songlines express the interplay and interaction between the community and BE; We connect people, stories, and communities by creating new and unending songlines There is no definite beginning or end, leader or follower, yet the resulting community is binded together – stronger, determined and more robust. Our process creates opportunities for memories, stories, wishes and troubles to surface. The community is in charge of timing and their own change.

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